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About us


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there” ― Rumi

This quote describes the vision for our retreat centre in Wendland. We want to offer a place where one can rejuvenate and be inspired. A place to evolve and where it is easy to be oneself.

We see this reflected in the various groups and events that come to us: dance enthusiasts and therapy-oriented individuals, yogis and music lovers, meditators, and of course, the training program that started it all: Holistic Bodywork founded by Pascal Beaumart.

Most events are related to consciousness, mindfulness and the connection to the body.

We hope to provide you with a place where learning and being on holiday can be experienced simultaneously: nourishing food, meeting friendly people, immersing yourself in a subject of your interest whilst being surrounded by nature. Our goal is to send you fully nourished back into your everyday life.

This is only possible with our team!

We – that being Sarah, the manager, mother and an all-around talent. Pascal, the founder of Holistic Bodywork, our kitchen team, cleaning team, gardener, maintenance and office assistant.

Here are a few key facts for you:

  • The seminar centre offers vegan and vegetarian meals
  • We partially cook with fruits, vegetables and herbs from our garden
  • Our kitchen bakes gluten-free bread using organic ingredients
  • Our jams are homemade
  • A family-oriented and cheerful team from surrounding villages
  • We use green electricity and eco-friendly gas

Our Vision

A home away from home. This is our vision – and we are very happy that many of our returning guests already feel this way.

And we don’t want to stop there. We are committed to the process of becoming a noticeably climate-positive and genuinely sustainable business. We are fortunate to host approximately 20-30 people per week. We want to contribute to the benefit of the region in which we are located through our work.

There are many small and big decisions we have made in this regard. Whether it’s our employees, how and where we source our food, gas, electricity and building materials. We can´t help but have the well-being of nature and people as our focus.

We also care deeply about nutrition. We believe that a plant-based diet can be both enjoyable and nourishing and we want you to experience this here. There are already many recipes that have been requested by guests. Let yourself be inspired!

We’re fond of the concept of the “Ripple Effect”. We extend an invitation to all of you to arrive in Wendland, within yourselves and bring this peace, inspiration, and even recipe ideas back to your everyday lives.

We warmly welcome you just as you are!

A few more plans that we are already actively pursuing:

  • Wholesome plant based meals made from local ingredients
  • Expanding our orchard and vegetable garden
  • Collaborations with local farmers
  • Planning a photovoltaic system

About us

Sarah Beaumart

Originally of Egyptian-Austrian descent, Sarah grew up between Cairo and London. She speaks English, German, Arabic, and Spanish. Sarah is an all-around talent. She studied accounting and business and achieved a BA in language teaching. She has worked as a teacher and event manager, and through her jobs, there are many places she has called home: the UK, Egypt, Spain, Japan, and now also Wendland. She wants to bring the diversity she has had the opportunity to experience on her travels to this place.

Sarah’s diverse experiences are beneficial to her role as the centre’s manager: her background as an event manager, workshop facilitator, waitress, supervisor and PA.

Since 2015, Sarah has been supporting the Holistic Bodywork training.

Sarah is married to Pascal, and since 2021, the two of them are parents to Maya.

Sarah values a simple lifestyle connected to nature. She aims to operate sustainably, with regional connections, seasonally, ecologically, and climate-positive, and these values are also evident at Seminarhof Drawehn.

Sarah makes the heart of Seminarhof beat more gently.

Pascal Beaumart

It’s going to be a centre for martial arts and healing, thought the 8-year-old Pascal. On paper, community and treatment rooms were outlined, and this dream has been the clear guideline for the past three decades.

Surely there have been changes – you won’t find a martial arts hall on the current property – but the core vision remains the same: a meeting place where people can become ‘whole`. In so many environments, people cannot positively experience their needs. This led Pascal to use his savings and a variety of trainings to create exactly this offering – a place to ‘be fully human’.

Pascal is also the founder of the Holistic Bodywork training, where the body, emotions and spirituality are integrated over several years.